A rather beautiful smoked salmon canapé

sea canapé

Written by Liz Wakefield

17th February 2019

It’s said we eat with our eyes. There’s no arguing that something that looks good is enticing. But it needs to taste great as well as look good in our view.

We created our range of gourmet thins to make small bites and canapés more interesting. Exquisitely thin, but big on flavour, these premium bites enhance any topping and their original shape makes for a good-looking bite.

Our seaweed and dill seed thin is the perfect partner for fishy toppings and everyone likes smoked salmon and smoked trout. So here’s one way to compile them that looks great and tastes delicious.

All you need is cream cheese, horseradish sauce, smoked salmon (or smoked trout, if you prefer), mock caviar and borage flowers. Borage grows like a weed in many allotments and you can easily grow it at home, with borage seeds readily available online. The flowers are edible, with a hint of cucumber taste and, according to renowned botanist, herbalist and physician, Culpeper, it has anti-depressant properties.

Cut the smoked salmon into rectangles that are slightly smaller in diameter to the thin, mix the cream cheese with some horseradish sauce till you’re happy with the taste, then apply a dollop of cream cheese to each thin with a knife, top with a folded piece of smoked salmon, a twist of black better, a quarter of a teaspoon of mock caviar and finally, the borage flower.

Incredibly simple to make, but a lovely combination of colours, flavours and textures. Enjoy!

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