Serving suggestions for our forest mushroom thins

Sussex Gourmand thins are the perfect base for tasty canapés and snacks. Hand-crafted super-thin, with organic butter and a blend of three organic flours, including wholegrain, their unique triangular shape makes creating attractive low-carb snacks and canapés a doddle. They’re full of flavour, yet subtle enough to let the topping shine.

Our forest mushroom thins were created for our forest canapes – lovely earthy flavours to reflect the landscape where deer roam, but they go well with so many toppings, including:

  • Burwash Rose – a wonderful soft cheese from the Traditional Dairy – it features in our Taste of Sussex and Sussex Gastrobox hampers
  • Our super tasty venison bresaola, with creamy horseradish sauce or celeriac remoulade
  • A slice of goats cheese – you can’t do better than Sussex’s own Golden Cross – and a piece of roasted pepper, or red pepper relish
  • Celeriac remoulade, sprinkled with beetroot powder. To make celeriac remoulade, simply finely grate celeriac and add a few large tablespoons of mayonnaise; a tablespoon of crème fraiche or yoghurt and a couple of teaspoons of Dijon mustard, with salt and pepper. You can buy beetroot powder at most health food shops
  • A dab of creamy horseradish sauce and a slice of smoked duck or smoked venison
  • A generous spread of cream cheese and a chunk of pickled beetroot
  • Chicken liver pate (or any other) and a parsley leaf to make it pretty
  • Pork or rabbit rillettes, with a cube of pickled cucumber to balance off the fat. To pickle cucumber, cut out the seeds, slice into a small dice and soak in mirin for 15 mins.
  • A slice of Roquefort (or Brighton Blue from High Weald Dairy if you want to stay true to Sussex), topped with half a candied walnut – to candy 100g of walnut halves, roast them in the oven on a baking tray at 180 degrees C; put 50g sugar in a thick-bottomed pan and cook until melted and just turning golden, then add the walnuts and quickly stir together, before placing each half separately on a baking sheet covered with baking parchment. Finally sprinkle with a dash of salt.
  • With a generous slice of Sussex brie with truffles from Allsop & Walker

You can buy all the Sussex cheeses mentioned at most good delis like Barneys in Brighton, The Village Deli in Storrington and the Cheese Hut in Hove.