How to compile our venison bresaola canapés

Venison bresaola canapes

Written by Liz Wakefield

28th April 2020

The Forest kit showcases our award-winning Sussex Venison Bresaola with a multi-faceted flavour combination perfected over time. Its name reflects the habitat where wild deer roam and the flavours we use to cure the meat and create its earthy, artisan accompaniments.

Each kit contains forest mushroom thins (made with a blend of three organic flours and organic butter), beetroot relish (the beetroot is roasted, so it’s earthy and sweet – a perfect complement to the intense venison flavour) and our award-winning wild venison bresaola. Earthy, elegant flavours!

To prepare, take the venison bresaola out of the fridge at least half an hour before serving and let it get some air. You’ll need 24 pieces, so depending on how many slices are in your pack (they vary depending on the size of the deer) you may need to cut the pieces in half. Squeeze a dollop of beetroot relish onto each mushroom thin, top with venison and voila! You have a delicious and original low-carb snack.

It takes very little time to make up 24 pieces. 5 minutes should do it.


Bresaola (air-dried beef)  comes from Italy and dates back to the 15th century, when families passed recipes from one generation to another. Professional production started in the 19th century and Bresaola is now picking up popularity around the world. It’s low fat, high in protein, vitamins and minerals and rich in flavour.

We started making venison bresaola in 2016 as we felt it was a very ethical meat. Sussex has a plentiful supply of wild deer and a long tradition of hunting, dating back to the thirteenth century when the Ashdown Forest was a royal hunting park. Deer culling is vital to the countryside and more so ever than now according to scientists, with record levels of deer in our countryside that can damage crops, kill trees, reduce coppices and impact the number of woodland birds.

We buy our Sussex wild venison (mainly fallow and roe deer) from registered game dealers who are equally passionate about quality and ethics. The deer in Sussex enjoy a more diverse forest diet than their Scottish counterparts, which makes for a more flavoursome meat. Venison has excellent nutritional credentials too, with more protein and iron than other meats and less fat. It’s also packed with immune-boosting B vitamins and zinc.

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