Ways to eat beef bresaola

Beef bresaola aperitivo

Written by Liz Wakefield

17th February 2019

The traditional Italian way of eating beef bresaola is on a bed of rocket with parmesan shavings on top and a drizzle of olive oil. It’s a lovely combination of peppery leaves, creamy cheese and delicious air-dried beef.

For six people, you’ll need:
50g pack of our award-winning beef bresaola
120g rocket dressed lightly (I use 1 part white balsamic to 4 parts extra virgin olive oil, a teaspoon of dijon mustard and salt & pepper)
As many shavings of parmesan as you fancy (just use a vegetable peeler to create them) – I use 10g per person
A drizzle of olive oil to finish

No-carb canapé
A great partner for our beef bresaola is grapes. A slice of bresaola, a grape and a chunk of parmesan on a cocktail stick is the tastiest no-carb aperitif accompaniment you can get. The freshness of the grape is what hits first, then the salty parmesan…. and then the beef flavours start to come in and it’s these tastes of the countryside that linger on your palate.


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